SYKTYVKAR – On February 21 and 22, the Source of Life Church of Syktyvkar held an annual regional conference for men “Reaching the maximum”. Bishops of the Russian Church Pavel Kudrov, Pavel Khuda and Alexander Kalinin became speakers of the conference–2020.

KHABAROVSK – On November 1 and 2, in Khabarovsk at Grace church an annual men conference “Bravery” took place. Men from evangelical churches of Khabarovsk and Primorskiy regions and the Sakhalin island came to the conference. 

CHELYABINSK – On September 25 to 28, the extreme character challenge weekend took place in Russia for the first time – that was the name of a men’s adventure at “Taganai” national park in Chelyabinsk area.

SYKTYVKAR – On February 22 and 23, more than 100 men came to “Reaching the maximum” Men’s Conference to the northern city of Syktyvkar from 10 cities – Vorkuta, Pechora, Emva, Usinsk, Sosnogorsk, Baku, Vladimir, Vuktyl, Koigorodka and Ukhta.