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ROSTOV-ON-DON – “Church and law: contemporary issues and ways of solution” seminar took place on May, 13 in the Christ the Savior Church of Rostov-on-Don.

SAINT-PETERSBURG – On April 10 to 12, a National conference “Russia without orphans: until the last–2019” took place in Saint-Petersburg. The conference organized by Initiative Alliance “Russia without orphans” was devoted to the search for effective solutions of the orphanhood problem in our country.

KRASNOYARSK – An International interdenominational conference “Healing power” took place on April 3 to 7 in Krasnoyarsk. More than 5 000 participants from all over Russia and from abroad gathered to participate.

ROSTOV-ON-DON – On March 14 to 16, a three day interdenominational fasting took place at Rostov-on-Don Christ the Savior Church together with an inter-confessional Unity Movement. About 200 members and guests of the church gathered together for the event. They prayed, worshiped God and listened to His Word.

ROSTOV-ON-DON – On February 21 to 23, the second interdenominational Forum “Voice of the Church”-2019 took place at Christ the Savior Church of Rostov-on-Don. Ministers and members of evangelical churches of south of Russia took part in it, as well as guests from other regions of Russia.

SAINT-PETERSBURG – On March 12 to 10, jubilee prayer breakfast of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad area “10 years of prayer for Russia” took place. The meeting was devoted to the 75th anniversary of complete liberation of Leningrad of Nazi siege. 

ROSTOV-ON-DON – On February 15 to 17, an interdenominational conference “Prophetic Culture” took place at the Christ the Savior Church of Rostov-on-Don.

BARNAUL, Feb. 15-17 – For three days, February 15 to 17, Deputy Head Bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Vassily Evchik and senior pastor of Omsk Harvest Church Sergei Gorbenko were guests of Barnaul churches.

BARNAUL, Jan. 31 – A seminar for ministers of Baptist, Pentecostal, Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran churches of the Altai region took place in Barnaul. The seminar was conducted by Tatyana Reshetnikova, head of non-profit organizations department of Department of Justice of Russia in Altai region.

CHITA (RUSSIA), Nov. 16-17 – The Transbaikal regional conference “Pillar and support of the truth” took place in Chita at the Salvation in Jesus Church.

VORKUTA (RUSSIA), Nov. 16-18 – A conference was held in Vorkuta, which brought together pastors and parishioners of churches from Syktyvkar, Kudymkar, Pechora, Yemva, Sosnogorsk and Vorkuta to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the Source of Life Vorkuta church.

SAINT-PETERSBURG (RUSSIA) – On October 13, a conference dedicated to the ordination for bishopric of the senior presbyter of North-Western association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Alexander Tsvetkov took place in Saint-Petersburg.

Head Bishop of the Russian Church Edward Grabovenko, deputy bishop in Privolzhski Federal district Vasily Evchik and bishop Sergei Linnik took part in the ceremony. Guests and pastors from churches of Leningrad area and from abroad came to the ceremonial service.

Edward Grabovenko reminded the attendants that the church has enough resources for preaching the Gospel. The bishop emphasized that “earnest relationships with God are key to reaching the hearts”.

Before the ceremony of ordination bishop Vassily Evchik shared the word of encouragement noticing that the ministry is a duty. “The Bible doesn’t say “a bishop might be…”, it says “he must be…”.

Bishop of Lutheran church of Ingriya Arri Kugappi, pastor Usko Katto (Finland), pastor Pekka Ulenius (Finland), President of North-Western Association of the church of Christians of Seventh-Day Adventists Valeri Bogdanov, bishop, head of the “21 century” fund and National morning prayer project “Prayer breakfast” Alexander Andryuschenko, head of Christian churches Association Dmitry Polyakov greeted the conference with words of congratulation.

Alexander Tsvetkov has been serving as a pastor for 21 years. He works in the Northern capital of Russia since 2006. During the last 6 years he fills a position of the senior presbyter of the North-Western Association of the Russian church.

During the assembly five ministers of Saint-Petersburg churches were ordained for deaconry.

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