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CHITA (RUSSIA), Nov. 16-17 – The Transbaikal regional conference “Pillar and support of the truth” took place in Chita at the Salvation in Jesus Church.

VORKUTA (RUSSIA), Nov. 16-18 – A conference was held in Vorkuta, which brought together pastors and parishioners of churches from Syktyvkar, Kudymkar, Pechora, Yemva, Sosnogorsk and Vorkuta to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the Source of Life Vorkuta church.

SAINT-PETERSBURG (RUSSIA) – On October 13, a conference dedicated to the ordination for bishopric of the senior presbyter of North-Western association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Alexander Tsvetkov took place in Saint-Petersburg.

Head Bishop of the Russian Church Edward Grabovenko, deputy bishop in Privolzhski Federal district Vasily Evchik and bishop Sergei Linnik took part in the ceremony. Guests and pastors from churches of Leningrad area and from abroad came to the ceremonial service.

Edward Grabovenko reminded the attendants that the church has enough resources for preaching the Gospel. The bishop emphasized that “earnest relationships with God are key to reaching the hearts”.

Before the ceremony of ordination bishop Vassily Evchik shared the word of encouragement noticing that the ministry is a duty. “The Bible doesn’t say “a bishop might be…”, it says “he must be…”.

Bishop of Lutheran church of Ingriya Arri Kugappi, pastor Usko Katto (Finland), pastor Pekka Ulenius (Finland), President of North-Western Association of the church of Christians of Seventh-Day Adventists Valeri Bogdanov, bishop, head of the “21 century” fund and National morning prayer project “Prayer breakfast” Alexander Andryuschenko, head of Christian churches Association Dmitry Polyakov greeted the conference with words of congratulation.

Alexander Tsvetkov has been serving as a pastor for 21 years. He works in the Northern capital of Russia since 2006. During the last 6 years he fills a position of the senior presbyter of the North-Western Association of the Russian church.

During the assembly five ministers of Saint-Petersburg churches were ordained for deaconry.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith


PERM (RUSSIA) – On September 7 to 9, New Testament Church of Perm hosted Evangelical Christians from all over Russia at the Russian church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Conference. Verse 18, chapter 16 of Matthew has become a conference theme: “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

Russian and foreign ministers of evangelical churches were among the speakers: Head Bishop of the Russian church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Edward Grabovenko, his deputies Vassily Evchik and Pavel Zhelnovakov, pastor of Trinity Church from Texas, USA Jim Hennessy, Assemblies of God missionaries Andy Raatz and Robert Shipley and others. They spoke about building up the church, about confrontation and challenges that the church faces. The key message of all sermons and two panel discussions was the concept that the church is being built of living stones and therefore it will stand against all odds.

“The Church will face challenges and oppositions. But only those who do nothing do not face them, but the church will stand forever”, — Andy Raatz, AGWM Communications Director says.
Andrei Khoroschenko’s, pastor of Novokuznetsk Church on the Rock, sermon was full of practical advice. He suggested we analyzed how the church is being built: how people come to church, why they stay, why they leave, and what brings the best fruit. “We need to open the doors of the church wider, and make our hearts more warmly welcoming, so that more people could enter”, — was his call.

On day two we continued to talk about building the church, about God’s leadership in the life of Christians. The ministers shared examples from their own experience and lives. “How to reorganize priorities to be able to meet the highest standards of God, since one day we all will stand before Him” – Robert Shipley, Assemblies of God missionary, missions’ work coordinator in Russia and Belarus invited to ponder.

Vassily Evchik, pastor of Gospel Home Church (Naberezhnye Chelny), called to stay strong and faithful to the calling, in spite of any challenges. Pastor of Izhevsk Philadelphia Church Pavel Zhelnovakov was speaking that in the Book of Revelation in the Bible, in the epistle to seven churches we will find the answers to how a church should be prepared to hardships.
Pastor of Astrakhan Christ the Savior Church Alexander Kalinin believes that “the church is the best place to fulfill one’s potential. We will accomplish way more if we conform to Christ”.
During the panel discussion, devoted to a successful church, director of Moscow Theological Institute Sergei Yastrzhembski was talking to Edward Grabovenko, Jim Hennessy, Vassily Evchik and pastor of Saint-Petersburg New Testament Church Alexander Tsvetkov.

Pastor with 30 years of ministry experience Jim Hennessy shared his testimony about how he has become a pastor of a church that has gone through disappointments and downs. During the first six years he did his best to survive. And when he was ready to give up, God gave him four principles of building a church. During the next 14 years as a result of applying those principles the church has grown both in quality and quantity (from one thousand to seven thousand people).

1. The church should not only be a place where we talk about Christ and study the Bible, but also a place where people meet God. 2. God is faithful even if we are not. The church should be a place where everyone is accepted, with no expectation to receive anything in return. 3. The church should invest into the younger generation. 4. The success of the church should not be measured by Sunday services, but by what happens Monday to Friday.

Head Bishop Edward Grabovenko agreed with pastor Hennessy: “Our pastors knews the time and limits, they trusted in us when we were in our twenties. The new generation of the ministers will differ from us both outwardly and by their methods of ministry, but we should give our credence to them and help them to enter their foreordination”.

The second discussion was led by coordinator of Youth “One Year for Jesus” project David Grabovenko. While representing the young generation, he took interest in the missionary experience in different countries of the world: Robert Shipley has an experience of ministering in Iran, Ethiopia, Uganda, head of international missions of the Russian church Sergei Linnik – in Germany, Andy Raatz – in Moldova, Russia. Pastor of Krasnodar Bethany Church Sergei Nakul has never left his hometown, but his church is engaged in missions in the North Caucasus republics and is planting new churches. The key thought of all the speeches can be expressed by Sergei Linnik’s words: “The formula of planting new churches is to go to people. At every place where the Word is preached, there will be fruit – a church”.

During the conference participants of Youth “One Year for Jesus” project were blessed. A rotation has taken place: members of last year’s team have finished the project, 12 team members will go back to their home churches, and for the new 16 this is only the beginning. Pastor Edward Grabovenko and the church prayed and blessed them.

Edward Anatolievich prayed a special prayer of thanks for the faithful people who has been building Perm New Testament Church for more than 27 years, and reminded the members and guests of the church that the church is built of living stones: each one makes an invaluable contribution.

1,000 guests has come to Conference in Perm from almost every region of the country – North West to Far East regions. 3,000 pastors, ministers and church members gathered for a church-wide service. Five church-wide services and two panel discussions took place during the conference.

Watch videos of conference services on Perm New Testament Church Youtube channel:

PERM (RUSSIA) – On September 7 to 9, the National Conference of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith took place in Perm. Music bands from Perm, Izhevsk and a choir from Tatarstan were ministering at the conference.

The conference was confined to celebrating the 27th Anniversary of Perm New Testament Church. A special event of the celebration was a release of a new authorial album “Jesus Won” of the “NTworship” worship team. It is the second in succession but the first authorial album, all tracks are composed by Perm musicians.

A combined choir and orchestra of “Gospel Home” Church of Naberezhnie Chelny presented their “I believe” album of classical Christian hymns and worship songs. The title of the album was picked to reflect a hymn of symbol of faith, composed in 1932 by Russian composer Igor Stravinski.

“iota” music band from Philadelphia Church of Izhevsk presented a new album of worship songs “On The Palm”. The album is the third in succession, all songs are authorial.

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PECHORA (RUSSIA) – Any birthday party means friends, congratulations, new memories and positive emotions and joy that you share with the loved ones. The Source of Life Church of Pechora had time just like that last week.

The church celebrated the 13th anniversary by a conference, where the speakers were Pavel Kudrov and senior pastors of The Source of Life Church Grant Burnadze (Pechora), Anatoly Potapov (Vorkuta), Pavel Volkov (Usinsk) and Ivan Butarin (Koigorodok). Business-trainer, graduate of the Oral Roberts University Mark Kudrov shared the Word.

Sermons of the speakers had a common keynote: “Close relationships with God and people”. The ministers encouraged the community to dwell in love, forgiveness and obedience to God.

A performance group of the church presented a dance. The speakers congratulated pastors Grant and Elena Burnadze and spoke the words of gratitude for their work at God’s race.

The preparation to the celebration was a lot of fun. The church family participated in a bout of cleaning, decorated the hall. Participants of the One Year for Jesus —Yoyuth Project from Perm, who came to Pechora for practice, helped organizing the conference.

Pastor Elena Burnadze shared her impressions about the conference: “We expected God’s presence, powerful prayers, revelations and council from God’s anointed people and fellowship. All our expectations turned into reality. At the conference we felt a special presence when God was addressing the hearts, was inspiring was, improved us, and the prayer was most powerful and anointed. God is good!”

The plans of the church are to preach God’s Word to people of Pechora and to minister to them. It was a remarkable time when the Christians filled with God’s power to continue the effective ministry.


SAINT-PETERSBURG (RUSSIA) – On June 8 to 10, the New Testament Church of Saint-Petersburg conducted festive services to celebrate it 11th anniversary.

The main guest speaker was the senior pastor of Kharkov Christian Church Pyotr Kovalenko. His key message was about unity — unity with God, with the church, in the family and in relationships with people. “People will see God in the unity and love that Christians have among them. Divisions stop the move of God’s power, that’s why it is God’s desire that brothers and sisters in Christ would be friends. We all need to learn friendship in Christ”, — was pastor Kovalenko’s main thought.

The keynote of the services was the Scripture verse: “Thus far the LORD has helped us” (1 Samuel, 7:12). Alexander Tsvetkov, senior pastor of the New Testament Church in Saint-Petersburg, noted: “Despite of the years that have passed it is still important to maintain the zeal and passion to serve Him and people, as if it was our first year, and put our hopes not on our experience, but on the Lord”.

In conclusion of the celebration, pastor Tsvetkov pointed out that the church is the only answer for the society. “God will be raising His church. The church has always been a goal for the attacks of the devil and those who are trapped by his will. It was under severe persecution, thrown into the millstones of sufferings, it was used as a tool of tyranny to intimidate the society, it was used as a marketplace, pursuing sordid motives, but never before the church was treated so insensibly. The lies the devil so ingeniously proclaims is that the Church is not necessary, that people have an alternative path of faith, where they don’t need to be a part of community with other believers and don’t need to be accountable to ministers and pastors. By rejecting the unity we reject God’s plan, His will. Because He Himself, Jesus, has chosen to become a human to share with His people the joy and the grief, betrayal and friendship. By convicting the cupidity and superficiality of some teachers of the law He was fulfilling the Law. He was crucified and raised in the body. He gave us the greatest commandment of unity in breaking the bread and sharing the cup that witness about being a part of His life”.

Media-service of the New Testament Church of Saint-Petersburg

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith



ASTRAKHAN (RUSSIA) – On June 9, on the eve of the Russia Day, at Astrakhan Governor’s office a ceremonial reception took place. 26 distinguished Astrakhan residents were awarded rewards – medals, honorary titles, certificates of acknowledgement, honorable distinctions and honorary certificates.

The awarded people represented all kinds of professions: a fire fighter, a research scientist, an economist, a master of sports in swimming, a rear-admiral, a cardiologist, an Islamic community minister, an archpriest of an Orthodox community, member of veterans’ association.

Alexander Kalinin, pastor of the local religious organization of Christians of Evangelical Faith “Christ the Savior Church” of Astrakhan was awarded an honorary certificate of the Governor for good achievements in long-term professional and social work and a substantial contribution into the social and economic development of Astrakhan area.

Three months ago, on March, 7, at the working meeting with heads of regional protestant organizations Governor Alexander Zhilkin talked with them about cooperation with the executive branch of the regional government, work with youth, charity, social projects.

At the meeting pastor Alexander Kalinin shared about good deeds of members of the Astrakhan Christ the Savior Church: individual work with drug-addicts, support of financially disadvantaged citizens, moral awareness programs in Astrkhan prisons.

“It is important that besides the canonical and educational work, you implement social projects and provide support to children from dysfunctional and financially disadvantaged families, support people who find themselves in hardships, contribute into the institution of the family consolidation, give much attention to promotion of healthy lifestyle”, — emphasized Alexander Zhilkin at the meeting.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith
according to the web-site of the Astrakhan Governor’s office





ZELENODOLSK (RUSSIA) – On April 14 and 15, a regional conference of Ulyanovsk Association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith took place in Zelenodolsk, in Tatarstan. The facilitator of the conference was the New Testament Church of Zelenodolsk. Brothers and sisters came from Kanash, Cheboksary, Ulyanovsk, Krasnokamsk, Kazan and Kozlovka. 

The key message of the conference was focused on the churches’ growth and evangelism work. The participants prayed for the unity and filling of the Holy Spirit. 

Alexei Rudenki, deputy head bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, Sergei Yastrzhembski, president of the Moscow Theological Institute, and Vladimir Neprozvanov, senior presbyter of Ulyanovsk Regional Association were the speakers at the conference.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith






MOSCOW (RUSSIA) – On April 13 and 14, the head of the family ministry of the Russian Church of Evangelical Christians, the senior pastor of the Church of Christ the Savior, bishop Vladimir Khvalov, and his wife Olga conducted a marriage conference. The event took place in the Sofrino Park Hotel near Moscow. About 30 married couples from different churches of the Moscow region took part in the conference.

"This was the first conference for ministers' families," - said Bishop Vladimir Khvalov. - We had six sessions, each of them began with intercessionary prayers for families of Moscow and Moscow region. Many spouses have testified that they have received healing and renewal of the relationship."

After the conference, Vladimir Khvalov preached in two Moscow churches on "The Work of the Holy Spirit in the family and the church."

Media ministry of the Church of Christ the Savior, Rostov-on-Don



OMSK (RUSSIA) – Crossing the threshold of the house of God, you smile and greet brothers and sister, gladly responding with "Indeed risen!" Today is a special day, one of the most important Christian holidays - Easter!  
"Christ is risen!" - the words are a foundation of the Christian faith: Jesus was crucified for the sins of the mankind, He died and has risen on the third day. He defeated death and has become a redemptive Lamb, who reconciled God and man. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is an evidence of God's boundless love, and His resurrection is the hope for every human being.

"Christ is risen!" - the church exclaims unceasingly, rejoicing that the Savior is alive, and He is to come! The worship team together with the teenage band praises God, singing the hymns of praise.

Then the children come out to the platform. They wear theatrical costumes and carry stage props. It is evident they've prepared a performance. God has given them gifts and talents, and even at this young age they are able to praise God. In the performance the children get across an important message: people are mortal, and only with Jesus they have eternal life.

After the performance the children recite touching poems, the teenage group performs a beautiful dance. The air is filled with love to God and worshiping Jesus.

Finally it is time for the Word of God. Bishop of Omsk eparchy, senior pastor of "Harvest" church Sergei Gorbenko, preaches about the "True meaning of Easter". Sergei Vladimirovich reminded the first Easter, described in the book of Exodus. "Now we don't need to strike the lintels with blood, - emphasized the pastor, - because we're anointed spiritually with the blood of Jesus Christ!"

The same way sin and death came to the world through Adam, through Jesus came redemption, forgiveness and resurrection. The Golden verse of the Bible - John 3:16 - is expressing the core of God's love very accurately.
Our Easter is Christ the risen. And no religious traditions, no attributes of so called "Easter" will replace the true meaning of it - the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Son of God and God Himself, who redeemed the mankind of sin with His sacrifice.

The Easter is not limited by one day in a year. Jesus has risen forever, and every day we need to remember what price is paid for our freedom in Christ. So let us follow Christ, seek His face and praise Him for His sacrifice, salvation, hope, supernatural care and boundless love!

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith








ROSTOV-ON-DON (RUSSIA) – On March 25, "Christ the Savior" Church of Rostov-on-Don celebrated the 25th anniversary. 1,100 people gathered at the church for the celebratory service. Edward Grabovenko, head bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith and Pavel Kolesnichenko, bishop and senior presbyter of Rostov association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith were the special guests of the celebration.

Together with bishop Vladimir Khvalov, senior pastor of "Christ the Savior" Church, they've ordained four ministers for pastorship and four – for deaconship.Bishop Edward Grabovenko preached about the continuity of generations in the ministry to God as exemplified by biblical prophets Elijah and Elisha. Congratulating the church with the anniversary, he mentioned the high significance of the ministry of Vladimir Khvalov, head of the family ministry department of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, nationwide.

"I'm honored to minister on one team with people who, in many respects, are wiser and more experienced than me", – said the head bishop.

Bishop Pavel Okara, founder of the "Christ the Savior" Church, sent a video with words of congratulations and blessings.

Pastors and ministers of churches of Rostov-on-Don and the area came to congratulate the church. Many of them have friendly contacts formed in the process of work of a non-profit "Association of Christian churches and Spiritual education organizations" – an organization, which has been headed by Vladimir Khvalov for more than 20 years.

Good wishes, flowers, gifts, decorations of the church building, much music, dances and songs - all that created a warm atmosphere of a family celebration. Each guest was given a specially issued magazine about the "Christ the Savior" Church history. Those who weren't able to come to the celebration watched the online live broadcast on YouTube church channel at

"Christ the Savior" Church media department,