Salvation and hope in eternity


OMSK (RUSSIA) - In children ward of the cancer clinic, where people die every day, you get that special conviction that the Word of God is able to change lives. The desire is strong to make sure every child gets his salvation and hope in eternity. One of our sisters in Christ is in this hospital with her daughter Alisa. We took some children’s books and sweets and came to see them at her invitation. We told the children and their parents about Jesus, the best and most reliable friend, and that Jesus brings joy.

In a skit I had the honor of playing the part of Moni the elephant who is always sad and nothing would bring him joy. But his new friends Zhorik the rabbit and Vilyusha the giraffe introduced Moni to Jesus Christ, and the elephant became happy. After the entertaining part every child received his copy of the “Book of Hope”.

Ivan Pavlov
Team of the Nehemiah Church, Omsk