A man is a priest to his house


BARNAUL (RUSSIA) - This story really stood out from all stories of our trip to Kosikha town in Altai region. Our team has been going there for two months by now. The day was warm and sunny, and most people were in their yards, working in their gardens. In this yard an elderly couple was working, little girl was playing by them, their granddaughter as we found out later. We addressed the man. But when he heard the question about whether he believed in God, as most men usually do, he suggested we talked to his wife, as she knew more about this matter.

The Lord encouraged us to tell him: “For some reason many men think that faith is women’s thing. But God placed men to be heads of their families. And the Word of God says that a man is a priest to his house”. These words amazed him. He listened to our story about Jesus and prayed the sinner’s prayer. Only after that his wife came up. When we explained that God is life, and all evil is from satan who wants to steal, to kill and to destroy, she tearfully invited Jesus to her heart.

Valentina is 65, and her husband Alexei, who is a year older, shared their grief – their son was an alcoholic. The girl playing in the yard was his daughter. We prayed together for their son and they gave us his phone number so that the rehabilitation center ministers could contact the family and provide help to them.

We believe that this story will be continued, and the glory of God will shine in this home! Please, pray with us for this family.

Elena Belyakova
Team of the New Life Church, Barnaul