First graduation of missionary training courses in Khabarovsk

In Russia

KHABAROVSK (RUSSIA) – On October 8, the ceremony of the first graduation of “Light in the East” missionary training course at the Word of Grace Church of Khabarovsk Association took place. For six months students studied the basics of evangelical theology, and acquired practical skills of missionary work for God.

The trainers were pastors and bishops of the Far East region, who possess profound academic knowledge and missionary ministry experience. Leader of the training, presbyter of the Word of Grace Church Alexei Kolodeev said, “It was a difficult time. Students did not only acquired knowledge, but learned to serve. It is a joy for me to see their hearts being changed. I believe every graduate will dedicate his life to fulfill the command of our Lord – to bring the light of God’s Word all across the Earth”.

18 of 25 course attendants finished the full course. They came from Khabarovsk area, Sakhalin, Primorye. Irina Glebova, one of the graduates, shared her testimony, “Studying at the courses was a great blessing for me and other students. We received high-quality knowledge, and grew spiritually. Fellowship and environment that we were in is a great combination for spiritual growth and preparation of future ministers of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

The missionary courses were organized to teach preachers and missionaries practical skills, and also to give some additional training to the church ministers to support the spiritual development of the evangelical churches and popularization of the missionary movement in the Far East region.

The Russian Church  of Christians of Evangelical Faith