Pastor and businessman Sergei Terekhov conducted a seminar in Omsk

In Russia

OMSK (RUSSIA) – On October 7, Sergei Terekhov took part in a charitable seminar “9 steps to success”, “Ethics, service, delegation” in Omsk. The seminar was organized by “Strong personality” business community.

The speaker of the seminar, Sergei Terekhov, ministers as a pastor in Cherepovets evangelical church, supports Mercy House and an orphanage. He is a successful businessman and a popular business trainer. The first part of his presentation was dedicated to the permanent principles of organizing and leading the business. Pastor Sergei spoke about the importance of ethical component of business, of the necessity to constantly improve the internal and external service, and also of the principles of delegating the authority in an enterprise.

After the buffet lunch, when the participants had a chance to better meet each other, Sergei Terekhov began the second part of the seminar – “9 steps to success”. The trainer shared his experience of starting up, developing and leading a business, shared principles that help him to successfully lead the business. Pastor Terekhov referred to the Scriptures several times, demonstrating a deep connection between the Biblical truths and the success of a person honoring and fulfilling God’s covenant.

At the end of the seminar the participants asked Sergei Terekhov many questions. The speaker touched the most interesting topics that were impossible to disregard. Sergei Mefodievich’s presentation was useful both for business owners and those who plan on starting up a business.

On Sunday, Sergei Terekhov visited the Sunday service of the Harvest Church of Omsk, he preached on why troubles come to a Christian’s life. Sergei shared his personal experience of coping with troubles, gave valuable advices, inspired and encouraged brothers and sisters in Christ. He mentioned that “God never leaves His children. At difficult times He is especially close. God wants us to be humble before Him, as blessings come to our lives through humbleness. And for us to become humble we need to go through troubles. That is why during the difficult times follow the Scriptural truths: “Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith