Moscow Theological Institute celebrated the 25th Anniversary

In Russia

MOSCOW (RUSSIA) – Moscow Theological Institute celebrated the 25th Anniversary. The celebration lasted two days: on October 11 a theological colloquium took place at the institute, on October 12 – a celebration service and reception at Izmailovo Alfa Hotel.

The “Reformation and education” theological colloquium was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Reformation and the 25th anniversary of the Institute. Discussions on the Reformation’s influence on the education, main problems of contemporary Christian education and its future were on the agenda. On that day all MTI professors, curators, graduates and students contemplated on and discussed the ideas, suggested by the speakers of the colloquium.

The key speakers of the colloquium were Mikhail Mokienko, candidate of historical sciences, senior scientist of the Religion Research center of National Pedagogical University named after Dragomanov (Kiev) and Sergei Podnyuk, president of Minsk Theological Institute. Each of the speakers revealed different periods of Reformation and educational problems of the corresponding time, drawing parallels with the contemporary education. They inspired by the lessons of the 500 years of history, and invited the listeners to think, which steps to take to, on the one side, not to lose the best experience, but on the other side – not to repeat the mistakes of the Reformation.

After each speech the director of MTI Sergei Yastrzhembski gave the participants of the colloquium an opportunity to share their opinion on the role of a teacher in an educational process, and on the affiliation. According to one of the colloquium participants, “like-minded people and coworkers theologized on historical, but fundamental topics for building up the spiritual education”.

The forum revealed the timeliness of meetings of professors and students of theological institutes. They allow to take a look from the outside on the state of education, on how to develop and what to put emphasis to.
In the end of the first day the diploma delivery ceremony to the four graduates of MTI magistrature program was performed.

The second day of celebration started with a celebration service at “Izmailovo” hotel. Professors, graduates and students of the Institute, pastors and leaders of regional unions of Russian church of Christians of Evangelical faith, heads of evangelical unions have gathered here.

The service was led by the Director of MTI Sergei Yastrzhembski. He presented memorable gifts to the people, who made a special contribution to the institute development, shared about the important milestones and people in it’s history, thanked God for the way He has led and kept safe on.

Pavel Zhelnovakov, bishop, head of educational department, preached on the power of the Calvary cross. He wished the institute to have even more dignified graduates – ministers, penetrated by the sacrament of the cross, who are impossible to stop in preaching the Gospel.

Edward Grabovenko, the Head Bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, congratulated the MTI on the anniversary. He noticed the worthy fruit of the institute in bringing up the ministers – the 1000th bachelor diploma was awarded this year. “During the 25 years the MTI proved to be in demand, be faithful and devoted to God’s work”, – said the bishop.

Sergei Ryakhovski, the Head Bishop of the Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith, congratulated on the anniversary and wished to keep balance between faith, that vivifies, and knowledge that puffs up.

Nazar Pavlovich Reshikovetz, the first Director of the institute, John Asachev, the second Director, professors, partners and friends were also invited to speak. They remembered the first years, first professors, first generations of graduates.

One of the guests was the head of administration of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Ivan Borichevski. He was one of the first graduates of the Institute who received the bachelor degree. The minister thankfully remembered his professors and shared a story about how one of them motivated the students to study well and always found an extraordinary approach.

At Celebration many kind words of thanks were said, memories shared and worship and praise music performed by musicians of the Moscow Night Church.

Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith