Youth in Irkutsk Region Choose Jesus


IRKUTSK REGION (RUSSIA) - July, 2014 - In the middle of July, annual Christian Youth Conference of Pentecostal Churches of the Irkutsk region took place. This time, its slogan and the main theme were the words of Jesus, “You are the light.”

More than four hundred young people gathered in a picturesque place near Tulun on the river bank of Eeya, which has become a permanent place of such gatherings.

Eight days spent in tents, in fellowship and joint prayers, in reading the Bibles and praising the Lord, being saturated with the Word of God, will forever remain in the hearts and minds of those who were lucky enough to come here.

What does the world offers young people today? It is known to all and it is no secret. If you want to be successful, “advanced”, “cool”, you should not care about the most moral principles, must lie and make money by all means. If you want to have a “good” time, you should live life “to the full.” Culture of postmodernism: real friends are fewer, sincere friendly relations are less, more gadgets, respectively, each has its own morality, invented in the Internet space.

Young people who gathered here do not want to be like everyone else. They want to be successful, but as God sees it: to be people of honesty and integrity. They want to have a strong marriage, when spouses trust each other. They want to have a happy future for their children. But most importantly, they want to have a happy eternity, which is accessible only through accepting the Lord Jesus Christ. That's why they choose the path of following God. It gives real meaning in this life, its fullness, allows to set real goals.

Eight days passed like one. Funny contests, sports competitions, and, of course, the spiritual food, made the conference enjoyable. The work of the Holy Spirit was so powerful that many could not hold back the tears, cried with joy and happiness. Many young people renewed and refreshed spiritually, received direction for their personnal growth and development, put in order their relationship with God.

We would like to acknowledge excellent work on organizing the event, which was done by the team of the Irkutsk Region Youth Association led by Pastor Andrew Pshenko.

Blessing Church of Angarsk, Irkutsk region

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith