Marathon of young speakers devoted to God’s Love in Barnaul


BARNAUL (RUSSIA) - Youth group of the Light of Revival Church of Barnaul hosted a marathon of young speakers. The theme of the event was “God’s Love”.

Everything began with fiery worship in spirit that touched everyone and none of us was the same after it. Young speakers came one after another and each delivered a speech, which included their personal testimonies and revelations from the Word of God.

Fyodor shared that God’s love was revealed to him while protecting him in a difficult situation. Ksenia told us that God’s love helped her to make good friends. Artyom expressed his revelation that God’s love to us all is unconditional.

“Marathon of young speakers is a great opportunity for youth in the church to become more mature in their relationship with the Lord”, – shared youth leader Anatoliy Geiko.

“I am looking forward to the next youth meeting. I love what God is doing at our services. And even though the church is far from my place, and it is sometimes difficult to get there, I always go to youth meetings. I don’t want to miss anything from the Lord” – said one of the youth group members, Sergey.

Light of Revival Church, Barnaul

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith