Annual Youth Conference “On the Way to a Dream” in Omsk


OMSK (SIBERIA, RUSSIA) – August 22-24, 2014 – Harvest Church of Omsk hosted the sixth annual Youth Conference “On the Way to a Dream”, which was attended by Christian artist and songwriter Dmitry Shletgauer and pastor of Jesus' Embassy Church from Nizhny Novgorod Vadim Sharov. Guests of the churches of Omsk and Omsk region took part in this event.

The first evening of the conference was the evening of praise and worship. Worship team together with Dmitry Shletgauer led people into God's presence. Unceasing prayer and praise to God had been lifted up for a few hours. Pastors and ministers prayed for everyone who was in need of repentance, encouragement and refreshment.

The second day began with a seminar on the praise and worship, which was held by Dmitry Shletgauer. Dmitry talked about being "doomed" to an increase in the Spirit of God, once a person gets into the hands of God,. Even if we do not immediately notice changes, they are like small seeds of God's grace, which will gradually grow and bring great fruit.

Then, after lunch, it was time to preach for pastor Vadim Sharov. Heaving read the parable of the sower, Pastor Vadim spoke about different types of soil. Most importantly, the fourth type of soil is the one which needs to be worked hard on, and that's the only way this soil becomes fertile. He also talked about the importance for us not to allow bitterness into our hearts, our Christianity may die because of it. Whatever happens in our life, we should always remember that the Church is a place where doors are always open.

On Sunday there were two services, when the guests of the church ministered. To conclude the conference we held an outreach in the square at the Palace of Culture. Dmitry Shletgauer sang his songs, and in between our youth band played their music and shared their testimonies.

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