Sports events in schools of Barnaul


BARNAUL (RUSSIA) – Light of Revival, you rule! That’s what students of two Barnaul schools said about sports festive events conducted by the Light of Revival Youth Foundation of Social Initiatives in September.

“Thanks for the positive emotions, you rule!”, “Thank you, guys, for the sports festival. We’ve experienced cohesion, unity, team spirit” – These are words of gratitude of fifty students of the schools after the event.

The purpose of the sports festive event is to help teenagers to establish trust-based relationships on a team, to discover gifts and talents. Barnaul Youth Foundation conducts such festivals on a regular basis. During these events volunteers – Christians from Light of Revival church – are able to show an example of Christian culture and ethics and be good, positive role models for teens.

Light of Revival Youth Foundation of Social Initiatives, Barnaul

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith