Unusual outreach in Chita


Recently citizens of Chita, city in Trans-Baikal region in the eastern Siberia, were pleasantly surprised, as they got on public transportation. Youth group of the local evangelical church ‘Salvation in Jesus’ decided to give passengers a free ride on Christmas Day, January 7th. This is when Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas and it is a national holiday in Russia.

As passengers entered a public buss, they were met by smiles and greetings of young people who paid for their rides. Besides, they sang Christmas carols and offered a short quiz. The questions included mainly Christmas story: Why do we celebrate Christmas? Whose birthday is it? Who is Jesus? And so on.

The majority of people were willing to answer questions. Not many of them knew the real meaning of Christmas, but they were eager to learn more and some even missed their stops while listening to answers.

In this short time period 70 people heard about Christ and the story of Christmas.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith