Youth from eight different churches gathered together in Izhevsk to pray for their city


On January 11, young people from eight different churches located in Izhevsk gathered together to pray for their city. In the conference hall of the "Philadelphia" Church House of Prayer about 100 young men and women prayed together to Heavenly Father. The prayer time was organized by churches: "Philadelphia", "Church of God", "Church of the Resurrection", "Izhevsk Christian Fellowship", "God's grace", "Grace", "The Church of Jesus Christ," Baptist Church on Podlesnaya 7.

Youth pastors and leaders appealed to pray for personal relationship with God, to spread the Gospel among the youth of the city, for unity of believers from various churches, for development of the ministry of charity, for the city agencies and leaders, for the salvation of friends and family. Special presence of the Holy Spirit helped young people to experience a deeper concern about their city and to pray for God's mercy for its residents. Prayers were accompanied by songs of worship. At the end the youth from different churches split into groups of 2-4 and prayed for personal needs.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith
, based on reports from the “Philadelphia” church