The First Teens’ Conference in Chita

From the field

During the school break a unique event took place in Chita – the first teenagers’ conference. The conference brought together over 70 young people from the churches of Trans-Baikal region and the city of Chita. There had never been a conference like that before, and this was the uniqueness of the event.

Every morning the teens had lessons of the "Kids-EE" program. The teachers explained the principles of sharing the gospel in a simple and clear way. The teenagers were given tasks for small groups, which undoubtedly helped them to get closer and learn to work as a team.

After lunch the teams went to orphanages and a shelter to celebrate with the children who live there. The participants of the conference experienced that the principles that they learned in the classroom could have a practical application. As a result of the meetings many children opened their hearts and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The teenagers prepared a festive Christmas concert, including games, sketches and quizzes for children. And God gave them His grace, love and joy, which filled the hearts of everyone.

The conference was a practical response to teenagers who had no understanding of how to properly and easily communicate the message of the Gospel to their peers. Each participant learned not just theoretical lessons, but also received very important practical skills.

We advise all the participants that they remember this amazing experience and apply everything they learned after the conference when sharing with their friends and relatives!

Many thanks for organizing and hosting this event to the children’s ministers, the youth worship group and Vladimir and Tatiana Vairach. And also to everyone who provided possible assistance during the conference by hosting, serving and supporting in prayer. Thank you very much!