Youth Summit «One Love 2012: APOCALYPSE» will take place in Izhevsk

From the field

The year 2012 is associated with a lot of frightening predictions. Hollywood movies portray disasters that will happen in 2012. Everyone is afraid of a doomsday that the ancient Mayans calendar supposedly predicted.

Should we, Christians, fear of universal apocalypse? What are we expected to believe? Do we really live in the End Times, as shown in the Bible? Is it possible to be ready for the second coming of Christ and how it happens? These topics will discussed at the third annual Youth Summit «ONE LOVE», which this time has the name «APOCALYPSE». It will be held on January 3 and 4, 2012 in Izhevsk.

Event is organized by joint efforts of youth ministries of Christian churches in Izhevsk: Church of God, Philadelphia Church, Izhevsk Christian Fellowship, Resurrection Church. But as usual the number of participants is quite wide. It is expected that youth from other localities of Udmurtia will come to the summit, there will be guests from other churches of Izhevsk.

Speakers of the Summit:

Pavel Zhelnovakov – deputy of the Head Bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Pentecostal Churches in the Volga and Urals federal districts, senior pastor of Philadelphia Church.

Heather Chowning – Assemblies of God missionary in the Republic of Tyva.

Alexander Podobedov – Senior Pastor of the Church of God.

Vladimir Batalov – pastor of youth ministry of Philadelphia Church.

Nail Nuriahmetov – Youth Pastor of the Resurrection Church.

Youth Summit «ONE LOVE 2012: APOCALYPSE» will be held on January 3-4, 2012 at Work of Faith Church building:

86a, January 9th str., Izhevsk, Russia.