In the north of Buryatia 92 people prayed the prayer of salvation

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ULAN-UDE (RUSSIA) - God gave us a chance to minister in the villages in the north of Buryatia in the beginning of March. Our team of 11 people went for an outreach to Uakite, Busane, Goryachie Klyuchi, Bagdarine, Rososhino, Mangoi, Severnyi. In some of those villages the local people are Evenks by nationality. Our team got into two groups: one of them ministered in the villages close to Bagdarine, and the other went further north all the way to Uakite. One hundred kilometers of the way was across the frozen lakes, rivers and swamps. It was dangerous, but we were safe with God, as it is only possible to drive to those places at winter time, in summers you can get there only by planes.

Many people in those villages were receptive to the Gospel: in many cases people, praying the sinners’ prayer, were sincerely crying.

There was one girl who shared her story after praying the prayer – about how she thought she lost her purpose in life, and prepared a rope to hang herself. After she prepared everything for a suicide, she went to see her friends for the last time, but met evangelists on the way. It happened just in time, as she sincerely repented in her suicidal intentions. After the prayer we invited her to go to a rehabilitation center, and she agreed.

We met an old evenk lady, who prayed to invite Jesus to her life. She lives on a small island in the middle of a lake, and only 16 people live on that island. Many of them heard the good news and prayed with us.
In 5 days we crossed 1690 kilometers, visited more than 600 homes. Many people heard the good news, 92 people prayed sinners’ prayer.
Please, remember those villages in prayer – there’re no evangelical churches there, besides one small church group in Bagdarine.

Pastor Sergei Lyakhov and Every Home for Christ Church team, Ulan-Ude

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith