An annual regional fall conference of Russian church of evangelical Christians took place in Orenburg “Word of Life” church

In Russia

ORENBURG (RUSSIA) - On September 23-25 an annual regional fall conference of Russian church of Evangelical Christians took place in Orenburg “Word of Life” church. Usually every conference has a name, a declared subject. This time God was giving the name to every participant, the Word was prepared for everyone.

The main speaker of the conference was he bishop of Siberian Association of Russian church if Evangelical Christians, senior elder of “Churches of Covenant” of Novosibirsk region Vitaly Vladimirovich Maksimyuk. On Friday the ministers’ meeting took place. The bishop was speaking about how every minister’s heart, the heart of Jesus’s disciple, should be opened for other people with their pain, their problems, should be opened for whole nations. On Saturday and Sunday the bishop was speaking on different topics: betrayal, happiness, baldness and other important life matters.

Vitaly Vladimirovich was telling much with lots of warmth and love about his own family 0 his wife Nadezhda and his daughters, and that was very inspiring for many families.

The choir and the worship team of the church was ministering especially well on these days. Warm and joyful atmosphere was felt in God’s Home all these days. 

Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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