The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith is fasting and praying for 21 days

Official releases
The fast started on January 11 and will conclude on January 31.

Head Bishop Edward Grabovenko about the fast of Daniel on January 11 to 31, 2016:

«Dear brothers and sisters, the fast of Daniel in the the beginning of each year became a special blessing for us, it is an opportunity to unite in humility before God.

I would like to encourage you to start 2016 with fast and prayer to worship the Lord, to see His glory in our families, churches, cities, and throughout our country.

Ours is probably one of the most stressful times in the last decade, with so many challenges to our faith, when we do not understand and do not know many things. But we believe the Lord has everything under control. Only humility before Him will give us the possibility to live in God's peace, joy and hope.

I urge you all to join in the fast of Daniel, starting from January 11. Someone will be able to fast on water alone, and someone – only partial fasting, refraining from meat or some other food. For some it will be a great deed, if you give up the Internet for 21 days. And for someone – a great event, if you refuse to watch TV, and dedicate this time to prayer and reading of God's Word.

I urge all churches, to gather in houses of prayer every evening, to offer prayers for our country. I suggest that we could be fasting and praying for peace on earth, for those who are passing through difficult and challenging times. Especially for our brothers and sisters of the persecuted church around the world. Today, every five minutes someone dies for their faith in Christ, people suffer and shed tears, because they refuse to deny Christ.

And we as a church, which thrives, must pray and humble ourselves before the Lord our God, to intercede that He would help and strengthen them. Let's pray that wars would stop and there was no bloodshed and terrible disasters, that the light of Christ would shine forth, and the gospel came into the lives of many, many people.

Let us pray for our churches, for our families. Let us pray that we accomplish the will of God as the generation called by God.

Pray that the Lord would reveal His glory, that spiritual awakening would come, God's protection, guidance and care would abide in all circumstances of our lives. And that we would value the blood that was shed on the Calvary Cross for all of us, that we as a people, who trusts in the Lord, would do His will on this earth.

«And whatever you ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive» (Matt. 21:22)