Conference of ‘RENEWAL’ Drug Rehabilitation Ministry in Siberia

From the field

On Friday, February 10, leaders of ‘RENEWAL’ drug rehabilitation ministry met in Tomsk, Siberia. The ministry belongs to Western Siberian regional association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, and includes 14 men’s and 2 women’s rehabilitation programs.

The main theme of the conference was fulfilling the vision, mission and goals. Leaders of the ministry met to correct their goals and objectives for 2012 and to coordinate their efforts for more effective work.

In the first part of the day the floor was given to guests – representatives of the local authorities and social organizations. They all spoke about the importance of the work that social and rehabilitation centers do to help resolve the problem of drug addiction, and their role in this work that society does in general. Then every center presented reports about the results of their work in 2011. The atmosphere was very positive.

During lunchtime all participants had a great time of fellowship. They talked about their achievements and plans for the future.

The second part of the day was devoted to spiritual edification and encouragement. Senior pastors – Andrey Khoroschenko, Bishop of the Western Siberian regional association; Vlad Zasukha, pastor of Voice of the Truth Church, Kemerovo; Nickolay Pilyak, pastor of Church of Jesus Christ, Tayga; Ilia Novozhennikov, pastor of Vozrozhdenie Church, Tomsk – preached. They spoke about fulfilling the Great Commission, about opening new centers and developing this work in Siberia. Missionary work is a very important direction of the drug rehabilitation ministry. It was underlined that centers are able to start new programs and new stages in existing programs with the help of methods and curriculum of Teen Challenge ministry.

In the evening Board members of the ministry had a meeting. On the agenda there were questions of legal registration and communications, financial report and correction of plans for the first and second quarters of 2012.

Bishop of the Western Siberian regional association Andrey Khoroschenko and regional coordinator of the social work in Siberia Andrey Filatov expressed their gratitude to leaders of the rehabilitation centers and program directors for the excellent work they had done in 2011.

This day, filled with prayers, worship and preaching served to encourage all participants. They went back to their centers and churches emotionally renewed and spiritually strengthened to continue their hard work.

‘RENEWAL’ Drug Rehabilitation Ministry


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