God gave answers


EKATERINBURG (RUSSIA) – At her 80 years old Zinaida looks very well, she doesn’t look older than 60. She has a kind and sincere heart. When we began to talk to her, we realized that God was leading us to her, because she needed help. Her heart weeps for her loved ones. Though they all live together, in one apartment. But the housing problem separated the family.

Zinaida was given a new 2-bedroom apartment, and her children wanted her to give it to them. She replied they could stay with her, but they’d only get the apartment as an inheritance. So for two years they live like strangers. Her children don’t even want to talk to her and would not even say hello that’s why her heart weeps. We prayed for Zinaida and suggested she would repent. She did, and God touched her heart. She invited us to her home, gave us her address and phone number and donated some clothes to the needy people. And on Sunday she came to the church.

God is so good! Our hearts were rejoicing, and we trust God gave answers to Zinaida’s spiritual questions, and will help her solve her housing problem with the children.

Team of the Answer in Jesus Church,

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