“They all need the Savior!” Tent evangelism in Karelia

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KARELIA (RUSSIA) - Warm days came and  the One Year for Jesus summer evangelism campaign in Karelia has started. Pastors and ministers from several churches combined their forces to create a strong evangelism team and take the Word of God to people.

The first evangelistic outreach at the invitation of pastor Enichev from Olonets was on June 6-9 to Ilyinski settlement and Tuloksa village. The first three days of ministry were in Ilyinski, and the fourth day – in a village of 200 people. The schedule was the same almost every day: wakeup, morning devotions and worship, breakfast. After breakfast they would leave to a place of evangelism, split into teams of two, walked the streets handing out the Gospels, booklets, leaflets with the text of the sinners’ prayer and inviting people to evening crusades at 6 pm.

The crusades usually lasted about two hours. There were Christian songs, brothers would share their testimonies, the Word of God and, of course, would make an altar call. In the end of the crusade they would pray for healing, for people’s needs, etc. The same kind of crusades took place in Tuloksa village where a small home church functions that also participated in the tent ministry.

We thank everybody who was part of preparing and organizing these outreaches. Some people blessed the team with finances, some prayed. For this work God will reward all those participating in the One Year for Jesus Project. We challenge all churches in Karelia and other regions of Russia to take part in evangelistic work. People need salvation: idleness makes them drink or they go to large cities looking for jobs. They all need the Savior! He commanded us: “Go and teach all nations…”. So let us be obedient and do this work for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Anatoly Kukushkin
Joint team of the Karelia Association of Evangelical Churches

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