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STEPNYAKI (RUSSIA) - In Stepnyaki settlement of Kansk district in Central Siberia our team met a family whose house was gutted by fire. After the fire the woman with two kids had to move to her mother’s house. At Sunday church service we shared about the need of this family, members of the church collected necessities and money.

On Saturday, we loaded our van with bags of stuff and took the road to Stepnyaki. On the gateway of town we took a fellow passenger – a young woman Valentina, who was going to the same settlement. We talked to her and shared the Gospel with the help of evangel cube. On the way we stopped at Brazhnoe settlement to pick up our sister in Christ, also Valentina. Near the gates of her house we saw a woman begging for money to buy a train ticket. WE learned that her son was in a car accident in another town. We gave her money, prayed for her son and her salvation.

In Stepnyaki Valentina got off and we found the house we needed and unloaded the van. A table set for us was waiting in the house. The fire victims told us about their misfortune and about how important it was to find a person who would listen and try to understand. We shared testimonies about what God has done in our lives. Then we prayed together. It was evident that the testimonies touched their hearts. Leaping ahead, I’ll tell you that our new friends are expecting us to come again, they have a great desire to come to church. After this visit we met the head of the settlement and made arrangements for an evangelistic concert.

On our way back we stopped in Brazhnoe again to take our sister home. A home church is meeting in Brazhnoe so we decided to visit them. We ministered to them, prayed for a newly converted woman, for her baptism in the Holy Spirit. Then we had some tea together.

We left home at 9 am, and returned in the evening. We had an amazing feeling of happiness and joy. We felt that God was so content with us that His contentment filled not only our hearts but the space in the van around us. The feeling of beatification wouldn’t leave me for several more days. An amazing day – a day for Jesus!

Nikolai Baryshev
Team of the Risen Christ the Savior Church, Kansk, Krasnoyarsk region

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