Family is the eternal value of Russia: a regional Prayer breakfast dedicated to the Year of the Family in Russia was held in Barnaul

Family is the eternal value of Russia

In Russia

BARNAUL – It was held on May 15, and was organized by the Commonwealth of Christian Churches of Altai Krai. It was attended by ministers of all three branches of Christianity — Protestants, Orthodox and Catholics. The event was initiated and inspired by the bishops of the two Pentecostal unions in Altai Krai.

Representatives of local authorities and public organizations were invited to the meeting. Each of the participants in the discussion highlighted some aspect of family life in society.

The Ombudsman for Human Rights in Altai Krai unexpectedly but accurately stated that regulations and laws alone will not help a family in need. It requires people with a compassionate heart who are not indifferent to the pain of others.

The Orthodox archimandrite pointed out the importance of protecting traditional family values. The representative of the city committee on social support of the population voiced the sad statistics for Altai Krai: in 2023 the number of marriages and divorces was almost the same. And in January of this year in the region on 635 marriage ceremonies there were 921 divorces. Demographic statistics in Altai is not comforting.

In the final communiqué, the participants of the Prayer breakfast noted the need to carefully analyze the causes of such a demographic situation and to find ways to change it.

A member of the Barnaul City Duma (Parlament) in an interview after the event noted the warm and relaxed atmosphere at the event. He also appreciated the significance of such events and their great potential for strengthening church–state cooperation.

The event was attended by a participant of the SWO who lost both his legs in combat operations. His wife's speech was emotionally intense. Her story clearly shows how important family support is in such situations.

An interesting “highlight” of the event was the participation of the regional philharmonic society musicians. One of them was a well-known in the region organist, who brought with him an electric organ and performed for the audience famous pieces by classical composers. Among them was Handel's “Angels’ Flight”.

The participants agreed that state institutions, public and religious organizations, although they apply different methods of work, but all of them are complementary partners in a single effort to make the life of a family in the region more prosperous both in material and spiritual-moral sphere.

The next day the local media published detailed articles with positive reviews of the event.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith


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