The 25th anniversary of the Light of Awakening Church was celebrated in Barnaul

In Russia

BARNAUL – On April 23rd and 24th, Barnaul's Light of Awakening Church held the Conference “New Beginning” to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the church. Many guests from cities of Altai region, Kemerovo area and other parts of our country attended the festive event.

A festive concert was held on the first day of the Conference. The church received a lot of congratulations from guests present and video greetings from ministers from other churches.

Friends of the church were invited to the birthday event: bishops Alexey Rudenky and Andrey Khoroshchenko. They shared important messages from God’s Word.

Andrey Khoroshchenko, Pastor of Novokuznetsk Church On the Rock inspired the participants with words about the importance of faith in every person's life. He noted that God's Word must be in the center of our lives, and only when we really keep His Word in our hearts it works, because God Himself stands behind it.

The blessing of Pastor Samuel Inkin as the head pastor of the Light of Awakening Church became a joyful event for everyone in the church. Bishop Alexey Rudenky received from God the Word of a new direction for Samuel and his wife Marina.

On the next day it was the great day — Easter. The day began with an unusual Easter concert and continued with a sermon on the Resurrection of Christ. Bishop Alexey Rudenky preached about the power of Resurrection.

The main thoughts were as follows:
- Your dreams, your hopes and your body have been resurrected along with Christ, because we have been crucified with Him.
- In spite of all the difficulties, the Lord is a part of you, He is always with you. Going through trials is a great honor for you, especially if you suffer for Christ.
- Christ comes and stands before you and the Father, reviving your spirit. Through His suffering you are reconciled to God.

The last session of the Conference opened with praise and worship. It was a special immersion of thirsty hearts into God's presence and His work. Worship continued with prayer for people who were experiencing difficulties in their lives and prayer for all the pastors of Light of Awakening Church. Many hearts were comforted by God and filled with His love. The church is grateful to the speakers, pastors, and everyone who was involved in the preparation of the Conference.

A photo album of the Conference is in the Church's blog:

Watch sermons of the conference on the Light of Awakening YouTube channel.

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