Evangelical Church of Volgograd presented a theater production about life, death, and resurrection of Christ

In Russia

VOLGOGRAD – On April 28-30, Grace of Jesus Christ Church presented the theater production ‘He lives’ to the Volgograd audience. The story is built on the Gospel account of the life, ministry of Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection.

People who have accepted Christ as the Lord and Savior and experienced the power of His grace were a part of the performance. Their stories revealed what salvation, forgiveness, repentance, and freedom were.

Professional musicians and vocalists participated in the performance. The stage lighting, props, decorations, and costumes helped recreate the atmosphere of the biblical events.

75 ministers of the Grace of Jesus Christ Church acted in the performance, many of them were on stage for the first time.

Organizers say they got a lot of feedback and testimonies about the changes in people's views of their lives and their faith in God. 

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith based on materials of the press center of the Grace of Jesus Christ Church, Volgograd



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