“That the generation to come might know” Regional Conference took place in Saint-Petersburg

In Russia

SAINT-PETERSBURG – The North-Western Regional Association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith conference “That the generation to come might know” took place in Saint-Petersburg on May 24 and 25. It was the first time that 1000 people attended the conference. The participants came not only from Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad area, but from other cities of Russia, Belarus and Estonia.

The conference began with a meeting of Alexander Shevchenko, senior pastor of “House of Bread” Church (Sacramento, USA) with pastors, leaders and ministers of churches of the North-Western Association.

In his message pastor Alexander spoke about honoring and respecting those who is placed in the ministry by God Himself: “The uniqueness of the minister of God is not in himself, but in God’s calling for his life. So if you do not accept the ambassador of God, you neglect the One who sent him – and that’s a dangerous way to take”.

After the sermon at a panel discussion pastor Alexander answered questions about divorces and remarriages in churches, principles of raising the children in Christian families, strategic planning and personal responsibility of each minister.

May 25 — the key day of the conference — bishop Alexander Tsvetkov, bishop Nikolai Zalutski and pastor Alexander Shevchenko preached and prayed.

Bishop Alexander Tsvetkov spoke how to conclude one step and go to the next: “Before we proceed to the next level, new challenges, we have to finish what we have started. We need to see what needs to be changed or finished. Do not think about what God didn’t give you – think about what you haven’t done yet”.

Deputy Head Bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Nikolai Zalutski addressed the topic of fatherhood. “A true father is always there for his child, he is proud of his son, he protects him from criticism and gives him chances to make mistakes. A real father wants his children to reach more than he has been able to – he is not being suspicious or jealous, but he encourages and inspires. A father is an image of Jesus Christ”.

Pastor Alexander Shevchenko talked about relationships between parents and children, about the intergenerational continuity: “Our task is not to make our children dependent on us, but to communicate the love to God. It is impossible to impose faith or make somebody grow in faith. It is only possible to minister with our own example”.

The other topic raised by pastor Alexander was relationships inside a community. “We are a church. We are living stones. We have responsibility for our common action, so we shouldn’t shift our responsibility to others. If being part of a community is not an honor and privilege to us, our heart are being filled with neglect, discontent and jealousy”.

Also a ceremony of ordination to pastorate and blessing to deaconate took place at the conference: Bishops Sergei Linnik, Nikolai Zalutski and Alexander Tsvetkov ordained ministers.

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