Children from orphanages heard the Word of God


MOSCOW (RUSSIA) – July, 2014 – The ‘New Testament’ church prepared a special program for homeless children and children with disabilities. The program was presented in five orphanages in Moscow and Moscow region.

Besides, in June and July, more than 300 boys and girls from 14 orphanages and social rehabilitation shelters visited various events organized by the Church of the Big City in Moscow. The children saw a musical ‘Touching the Sky’, which was staged by teenagers from the ‘New Testament’ church of Dzerzhinsky. They also attended a special event for graduates and participated in a charity event entitled ‘Journey to the Land of Friendship’.

These activities were full of pleasant surprises both for children and caregivers from the orphanages. They came with expectations and in anticipation of festivity. Their hopes came true: they participated in fun games and contests, singing and dancing, and most importantly, heard the message of God about His love and mercy.

New friendships and personal testimonies filled the hearts of the children with a sense of acceptance and care.

The children also received gifts: clothes, sports equipment and toys.

Directors of the orphanages expressed their gratitude to everyone who organized the events.

Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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