Missionaries Larry and Mary Kessler ministered at the Source of Life Church in Syktyvkar

SYKTYVKAR (RUSSIA) - Last weekend Larry and Mary Kessler, Assemblies of God missionaries, ministered at the Source of Life Church in Syktyvkar. For 23 years they serve to people of Russia preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Saturday, Larry Kessler taught and preached at the Bible School and at the youth meeting. Jeremiah was the theme of the Bible School seminar. Larry taught that before we were born, God called us, gave us gifts and talents for the ministry. God said, “Do not be afraid, because I'm with you!” Our primary goal is to be like clay in the hand of God, and not to run away from the hands of the Great Potter. Because only He makes our life beautiful.

At the youth meeting pastor Larry shared with young people the message about the importance of the decisions made. If our choices are good, they will bring blessings into our lives. Bad choices and decisions bring curses. Therefore, it is important to learn that every decision would be made with the wisdom of God.

On Sunday, there were two meetings. At the first one, Larry Kessler talked about storms in our lives: where they come from, why they come, and how we respond to them.

The theme of the second meeting was devoted to the family. Mary Kessler taught that in our family life we experience different seasons: seasons of happiness and sadness. But in all these periods, it is important to remember that the Lord is God, and He has a wonderful plan for each family.

Larry Kessler went on to speak about the family. If Mary's word was addressed more to women, Larry directed his message to men. Because the man is a priest in the house, and he should be a role model for the children.

It was a blessed two days. Many people were inspired and filled with fresh strength from the Lord. Thank you Larry and Mary Kessler for your service to God and people!

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith