Head Bishop Edward Grabovenko ministered at the ‘Healing Power’ Conference in Krasnoyarsk

In Russia

KRASNOYARSK – An International interdenominational conference “Healing power” took place on April 3 to 7 in Krasnoyarsk. More than 5 000 participants from all over Russia and from abroad gathered to participate.

Well known Russian and foreign preachers ministered at the conference:

Bill Johnson, pastor of Bethel church (Redding, USA)

Daniel Kolenda, evangelist, president of Reinhard Bonnke’s Christ for all Nations ministry  

Sergei Ryakhovski, Head bishop of the Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith

Edward Grabovenko, Head bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

Vladimir Ashaev, pastor of “Christian Life” church (Krasnoyarsk)

Sergei Senokosov, pastor of “New Generation” church (Krasnoyarsk)

Jean-Luc Trachsel, international director of International Association of Healing Ministries

Ben Fitzgerald, evangelist, director of Awakening Europe and GODfest Ministries

Mattheus van der Steen, evangelist, founder and international director of GospelMusicFestival.org. 

Edward Grabovenko, Head bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith ministered on Friday, April, 5. He preached about the relationships with God. He shared from his own pastoral experience. He spoke about the vision to preach the Gospel at the places where people never heard about it, to go to cities and small towns. Back in the 90-s, when as a young pastor he was planting a church in Perm, Christians from other countries came to our country. They preached the Good News and trusted there would be fruit. Several teams of Christian volunteers came with OneHope ministry. They were led by pastor Earl Johnson, Bill Johnson’s father. Now it’s the time for us to pray, believe, act, and minister to people everywhere across our country. In the end of the service Edward Grabovenko had a chance to pray for pastors and bless them. 

At the end of the conference Bishop Edward shared that he thinks “the conference in Krasnoyarsk revealed how thirsty people are to not just move forward by faith and to trust in the Lord, but thirsty to fulfill His will with the help of the Holy Spirit”. 

“I saw the thirst for the Word of God, — the bishop continued. — I’ve experienced God’s presence: there were many miracles and healings. We’ve all been renewed.

I think that the participation of the most anointed and powerful God’s ministers, who responded to the invitation is a good sign for us all. That means God has a purpose for our country.

It was evident the preachers were ministering in God’s presence, they were doing their best to get across the truths of the Kingdom of God. 

I was blessed to talk to evangelist Daniel Kolenda, who came to our country for the first time. I think he’s embraced the idea to do God’s work together.

I thank God for meeting pastor Bill Johnson, who came for the first time too. God granted me with a privilege to be acquainted with his parents.

I believe that God is going to unite people for His purposes, to reach the world with the Gospel, so that the Holy Spirit would disclose Himself over all the surface of the Earth”. 

Bishop Edward Grabovenko expressed his appreciation to the hosts of the conference and personally to pastors Vladimir Ashaev and Sergei Senokosov for invitation.

On social networks’ pages the hosts of the conference expressed their gratitude to God, to the speakers of the conference and to all participants: “Amazing healings and miracles, profound revelations of God’s love, unity of Christians of different confessions – the Holy Spirit removed all barriers and borders. God’s love flooded each one of us, those who visited Krasnoyarsk these days.

The precious moments are unforgettable. We believe that all revelations received during these days will be broken and multiplied many times. Like Jesus who fed 5,000 people by multiplying the bread and the fish, so we, by God’s power, will affect many people. This world is in need of power and love, and we’re able to minister to many by the grace of God. We thank all pastors, ministers, guests who came to be with us on these days!”

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The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith