Christians of Rostov-on-Don had a three day fast

In Russia

ROSTOV-ON-DON – On March 14 to 16, a three day interdenominational fasting took place at Rostov-on-Don Christ the Savior Church together with an inter-confessional Unity Movement. About 200 members and guests of the church gathered together for the event. They prayed, worshiped God and listened to His Word.

The head of Unity Movement (Vladikavkaz) pastor Rafael Gurdziev preached about how to reach blessings in the key areas of our life: family, health, finances. He called Christians not to be shy, but be bald at sharing what God does in their lives, so that other people would be inspired and strengthened in their faith by their testimonies.

Head of the family ministry department of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, bishop, senior pastor of “Christ the Savior” church Vladimir Khvalov mentioned: 

“It is hard for me to fast, but when we do it together, I feel encouraged and light. Every time God gives me His revelations, so by the end of fasting you don’t want to stop. Every time we witness healings, spiritual transformations and breakthroughs in all kinds of areas of life. I believe that such fast will help our church to reach a new level of relationships with God and ministry to Him”.

During the fasting prayers for healings were prayed. Some testified that they don’t have the symptoms anymore and are no longer in pain. The fasting finished with a communion service.

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