The “Pillar and Support of the Truth” Transbaikal regional conference in Chita

In Russia

CHITA (RUSSIA), Nov. 16-17 – The Transbaikal regional conference “Pillar and support of the truth” took place in Chita at the Salvation in Jesus Church.

“2018 is announced by the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith to be the year of the Church, — says Andrei Panasovetz — this year we speak a lot about the church, hold seminars and conferences. At this conference we proclaim and direct people to the Truth, because the church is the pillar and support of the truth on earth”.

The speakers of the conference were the Deputy Head bishop in Southern Federal District, senior pastor of Volgograd “Grace of Jesus Christ” church Alexei Rudenki, Deputy Head bishop in Siberian Federal District, senior pastor of Chita “Salvation in Jesus” church Andrei Panasovetz, senior presbyter of Irkutsk area Association of “The Holy Trinity” churches, senior pastor of “The Holy Trinity” church Fedor Zhelnovakov (Zheleznogorsk), pastor of “Faith, Hope, Love” church Pavel Permyakov (Balei).

“Every time I come here, I’m abundantly blessed, because I see people whose life is filled with the glory of God, — says Alexei Rudenki — one the messages I intended to get across to the church is that we are God’s people. We are His children — sons and daughters, and that’s a special status, a special privilege to be able to enter the place most holy. We need to always remember that, because trials and challenges are out there, but the Lord is always with us”.

The speakers shared vital and timely messages, a very strong presence of God was in the air. During the prayer people received healings, both spiritual and physical.

Olga Ikonnikova

Media ministry, Salvation in Jesus Church of Chita

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith