Сonference dedicated to the 17th anniversary of the Source of Life Church was held in Vorkuta

In Russia

VORKUTA (RUSSIA), Nov. 16-18 – A conference was held in Vorkuta, which brought together pastors and parishioners of churches from Syktyvkar, Kudymkar, Pechora, Yemva, Sosnogorsk and Vorkuta to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the Source of Life Vorkuta church.

Sermons and prayers, praise and worship, fellowship and performances of creative groups is a time that cannot be called wasted. Members of the church and its guests had a great time of fellowship and congratulated their Senior pastors Anatoly and Valentina Potapov on the birthday of the church.

Guests saw performances of creative groups and were touched by the singing of the angelic children's choir, sang songs of praise to the Lord, listened to sermons, prayed for Vorkuta, for the church, for the city authorities and had a good time at the festive table with the cake.

Guest speakers were bishops Pavel Kudrov and Vyacheslav Gerasimov. Also, at the conference there were pastors Anatoly Potapov, Arseniy Prokushev and Grant Burnadze. In their sermons ministers inspired parishioners and guests to continue to follow God and not to weaken in faith.

Bishop Pavel Kudrov used verses from 91 psalm, where the King of Israel, David, sings a song of praise to the Lord. “God is the Protector and the safe haven of all those who trust in Him.” This psalm is different from the rest by its hot faith, vivid feelings, brightness of images and poetic.
Vyacheslav Gerasimov shared his thoughts about faithfulness to God, qualities and character of the minister. Responsibility and loyalty, honesty and integrity, honesty and piety. “You need to work on your character. It will not cultivate on its own.” The Senior Pastor of the Source of Life church in Sosnogorsk, Arseny Prokushev, relying on the Holy Scriptures, encouraged listeners that a faithful Christian would be rich in blessings. Pastor from Pechora Grant Burnadze shared his thoughts on the importance of selfless service to God. And Anatoly Potapov spoke on the topic “Wait on the Lord.”

The sermons inspired believers to follow the Lord and not stop, not to give in to fear and to overcome any difficulties with faith.

The Source of Life Church of Vorkuta consistently conducts street evangelism, hospital visits and cares for the sick, feeds the needy on Saturdays, serves low-income families and distributes food packages to them. Senior Pastor Anatoly Potapov invests in future leaders and ministers of the church, conducts seminars and trainings for them. The church is open to anyone who wants to know God and change their lives for the better with God's help. We wish parishioners and pastors of the church not to weaken in the faith and continue the ministry.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith