Pastor of the Christ the Savior Church is awarded an honorary certificate of Astrakhan Governor

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ASTRAKHAN (RUSSIA) – On June 9, on the eve of the Russia Day, at Astrakhan Governor’s office a ceremonial reception took place. 26 distinguished Astrakhan residents were awarded rewards – medals, honorary titles, certificates of acknowledgement, honorable distinctions and honorary certificates.

The awarded people represented all kinds of professions: a fire fighter, a research scientist, an economist, a master of sports in swimming, a rear-admiral, a cardiologist, an Islamic community minister, an archpriest of an Orthodox community, member of veterans’ association.

Alexander Kalinin, pastor of the local religious organization of Christians of Evangelical Faith “Christ the Savior Church” of Astrakhan was awarded an honorary certificate of the Governor for good achievements in long-term professional and social work and a substantial contribution into the social and economic development of Astrakhan area.

Three months ago, on March, 7, at the working meeting with heads of regional protestant organizations Governor Alexander Zhilkin talked with them about cooperation with the executive branch of the regional government, work with youth, charity, social projects.

At the meeting pastor Alexander Kalinin shared about good deeds of members of the Astrakhan Christ the Savior Church: individual work with drug-addicts, support of financially disadvantaged citizens, moral awareness programs in Astrkhan prisons.

“It is important that besides the canonical and educational work, you implement social projects and provide support to children from dysfunctional and financially disadvantaged families, support people who find themselves in hardships, contribute into the institution of the family consolidation, give much attention to promotion of healthy lifestyle”, — emphasized Alexander Zhilkin at the meeting.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith
according to the web-site of the Astrakhan Governor’s office