Forum "The Voice of the Church" in Rostov-on-Don united evangelists from different regions of Russia

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ROSTOV-ON-DON (RUSSIA) – On February 22 and 23, a large forum of Christian churches of the southern region called "The Voice of the Church" was held in the Christ the Savior Church of Rostov-on-Don, organized with the support of the Russian Church of Evangelical Christians. Its participants were believers from the churches of Rostov, Rostov region, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Moscow, Saratov and other cities.

At the opening of the forum, participants were shown a video clip in which pastors of Rostov churches discussed the mission of the Church and called on believers to evangelize. With a welcoming speech on behalf of the clergy of Rostov and the region, the president of the NGO "Association of Christian Churches and Organizations for Spiritual Education", Pastor Leonid Filippov addressed participants.

An international evangelist, the head of the mission "The Life of Wonders" (Belarus), Yevgeny Gurinovich explained the principles of church growth, sharing his experience of serving in more than 40 countries around the world.

An international missionary teacher, director of Youth with a Mission for Eastern Europe, Andrei Derkach, spoke about how believers can serve Rostovites and visitors to the city during the World Cup.

The international missionary teacher, the head of the mission "The Life of Miracles" (Russia) Andrey Alekseev inspired the participants of the forum to carry the Gospel to other peoples.

The representative of the evangelization project "yesHEis" in Russia, pastor Eugene Dubrovsky described how to use Internet technologies for preaching the gospel.
Also at the forum there were seminars, master classes on evangelism, presentations of various ministries and a talk show "Honest Conversation", where the pastors answered questions from participants.

"We held this forum so that evangelists, missionaries, both established and beginning ministers from different regions of our country could communicate, get acquainted, share experiences, get the necessary knowledge, inspire each other. Also, together we openly sought answers to actual questions concerning the growth of churches. And one more important goal, which was before us, as before the organizers, is to unite in prayer the people who are burning with the idea of spreading the Gospel "to the ends of the earth". I believe that we managed to achieve our goals”, — said Nikolai Tolpinsky, an evangelist and minister of the Church of Christ the Savior, the ideological inspirer of the forum"The Voice of the Church ".

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