Edward Grabovenko and Vassily Yevchik served at the conference of the Khabarovsk Regional Association

In Russia

KHABAROVSK (FAR EAST, RUSSIA) – On June 17 and 18, in Khabarovsk, Head Bishop Edward Grabovenko and his deputy Vassily Yevchik served at the annual regional conference of the churches of the Khabarovsk Territory. The Conference was attended by Bishop Peter Yarmolyuk, head of the Sakhalin Association, deputy head bishop in the Far Eastern Federal District, and the head of the association of Grace Churches in Irkutsk region Vladimir Savonov.

On June 18, a significant event took place – ordination of the senior presbyter of the Khabarovsk Association, Leonid Momotok.

Congratulating the minister on this event, Bishop Vassily Yevchik wrote on his Facebook page: “Leonid, please accept sincere congratulations on this important event for the region, for your church, for you personally and for your family! Ordination to the rank of bishop is a sign of high trust from the Lord, of the Russian Church and its leadership. We believe that this will serve as a new milestone in the life of the Khabarovsk Association in building the Kingdom of God!”

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith