The youth of Kaliningrad studied and practiced methods of evangelism to their peers


KALININGRAD (RUSSIA) – On November 4, young people from different churches of the Kaliningrad regional association of the Russian Church of Evangelical Christians gathered in Sovetsk. There a conference was held practicing methods of preaching the Gospel to young people who do not know Christ as Savior.

A local church in Sovetsk opened its doors for youth. On this day they had an opportunity gave an opportunity to hear the inspiring word from God. Approximately 60 participants were waiting for God's move.

Speakers of the conference were youth ministry leader of the Emmanuel Church of Kaliningrad Artem Ananiev, representative of the youth mission department Pavel Koryakin, pastor of the Love of Christ Church of Kaliningrad Pavel Savin, They preached the word about the Cross as the center of the Gospel, about the Great Commandment and Great Commission of Jesus Christ, about the blessing and support of God for those who faithfully serve Him.

From hearing, participants immediately went to practice, gooing to the streets of the city and conducting a social survey that determined interests, life position and popular places of leisure for young people. As a result of the received data, an image of a young person in the city of Sovetsk was made up.

At the conference there were worship groups of Kaliningrad churches Emmanuel and Recovery Center. The first opened the conference, and the second closed, holding an evening of praise and worship.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith