“My heart is steadfast”. Youth Conference took place in Izhevsk


IZHEVSK (RUSSIA) - On March 25-27, Philadelphia Church of Izhevsk hosted Youth Conference for Volga and Urals Federal Districts. 400 participants came from several regions of Russia.

Pavel Zhelnovakov, the Head Bishop First Deputy in Volga and Ural Federal Districts, senior pastor of Philadelphia Church, Vladimir Batalov, youth pastor of Philadelphia Church, Alexander Khudiakov, Head of Youth Ministry Department of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, youth pastor of New Testament Church in Perm, and Cory Ziman, minister from South Africa shared the word and their experiences with young people.

Each of the ministers did their best to get across the message about how to prepare one’s heart to the ministry, what it means – to devote your life to God, and why the words “My heart is steadfast” are so meaningful for young people.

Workshops and seminars were held by pastor Dmitry Bushter from Orenburg, who spoke about sharing the Good News, Anna Khoruzhaya from Moscow, who shared about creativity, Cory Ziman, who answered questions about whether or not youth should read books about Harry Potter and listen to all the music available. Vladimir Chernyshov told about Israel, and worship team from the Corner stone Church of Kazan was sharing about the specifics of writing worship songs.

All days of the conference were filled with the warmth of fellowship, new acquaintances, old friends’ encounters. A photo-booth was functioning for those who wanted a funny picture with friends. A girl from Tchaikovski won a voucher ticket to the traditional summer tent camp.

On Saturday evening there was a worship service that allowed to get deeper into fellowship with God, and think over the messages shared by the preachers.

While leaving the conference, the participants shared that they couldn’t wait to the next chance to come back to Izhevsk. The next spring Youth conference will take place at the same time in one year.


The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith