PASSWORD is changing lives of the Russian youth


KALUGA (RUSSIA) - July 28 through August 1, youth from all over Russia gathered in the Kaluga region for the annual national youth camp #PASSWORD 6. 'Pass the Word'. #PASSWORD 6 is a large-scale youth rally. This year it was attended by over 1,000 young people. Over the last six years the number of participants grows, and this means that young people have an interest in this kind of events. Throughout the rally, Russian youth had a great opportunity to hear the Word of God, reveal their talents, share experiences and meet new friends from all over the nation.

Ministers of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith preached at the rally.  Eduard Grabovenko, Nicholai Zalutsky, Alexander Khudyakov, Gregory Tropez, Sergei Yastrzhembsky, Sergei Linnik, Ivan Borichevskiy Denis Malyutin shared sermons on topics of interest to youth.

For many girls and guys it was a huge step in life, and we decided to find out about their experiences and impressions of #PASSWORD 6.

Daria shared with us her feelings about the event: “I have long hesitated to begin to evangelize, but thanks to the workshop on evangelism that I attended, now I have no doubts, and I know how to do it. I am grateful to God for this.” For some, the word, which was proclaimed at the meetings, became a real revelation from God. It was the first time at the camp for Anya from Moscow. Messages that pastors shared became an encouragement for her: “It's that feeling when you hear the Word, and feel as if the minister on the stage knows you and speaks about you. At such moments, you realize how great God is.”

This year, PASSWORD's program in comparison with last year, included more time for small groups fellowship and free time to make new  friendships. “Evening activities were enriched by the presence of God as much as morning and evening services, because throughout the evening one could hear Christian music, wherever he went,” – says Ksenia. “Wonderful and very special time! Thank you all so very much for #PASSWORD6! Such great experience despite rainy weather in the first two days. The strong presence of our Lord touched many to the depths of soul and spirit! Thank you, Jesus, that we can be together and praise your holy name” – Catherine from Ryazan wrote on her page in VKontakte.

Few people know that the food was prepared by people from Grace Church of Kaluga. Every day they got up early in the morning to cook breakfast and were always in a good mood. Elena in her church leads a home group and it is a great blessing for her to serve God at #PASSWORD 6.

Time spent at a rally for many was the time of revelation from God, and an encouragement to begin to act decisively. #PASSWORD 6 is a place not only for fellowship and edification, but also here, in the Kaluga region, God touches the hearts of young people for the first time and they decide to give their lives to God. For example, last year, God touched the heart of a young girl named Darya, and so it's been a wonderful year when she actively evangelized and was baptized with water and the Holy Spirit. This year, she decided once again to come to the place where God was so real to her. We know that this is not one case, it has been six years that PASSWORD is changing lives of the Russian youth.

Five days at the camp flew like one day for many participants. So, we hope that the organizers will extend the camp shift.

PASSWORD will always be the place that energizes the youth and ignites their faith. We will see you at PASSWORD7!

Text: Galina Bursikova (Kostroma), participant of the workshop on journalism at PASSWORD 6.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith