“City of Light” gathered 80 young people from Smolensk churches


SMOLENSK REGION (RUSSIA) - Youth camp called “City of Light” was held in the Smolensk region, near the picturesque lake Penisnar. For seven days, from June 6 to June 13, each participant of our camp set a task to learn how to create the right conditions in his or her spiritual life to successfully grow.

The days spent in the camp, were unforgettable! It was a good opportunity for building up teenagers' faith, edifying, re-evaluation of spiritual values, new life solutions and drastic changes in their lives. And of course, it was a great time for rest, positive mood, fellowship and new friendships! Throughout all days of the camp, guys and girls were actively involved in camp activities, listened to great testimonies of Jesus changing lives. We've seen desires of many of them to make their Christian life strong and fruitful.

This year there were more than 80 teens at our camp. The “City of Light” camp, by organizers's idea, had a structure of a city: a mayor, trade union team, districts; each district apponted a head of the district. We had a central square, where everything happened (a platform), city post-office. Each 'district' had to go through tests for loyalty, obedience, love, and holiness. But the best thing that could have happened in the “City of Light” was the presence of God, without whom the entire creative approach of the organizers would mean nothing. As noted by the participants in a song of their own, “City of Light” was the best memories of the summer! Leaving for home, many young people shared their experiences, good memories and a desire to come back again to the “City of Light” next year.

Association of Pentecostal Churches of the Smolensk region “Unity”


The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith