Teenagers’ Conference “Time to Act” in Olenegorsk


OLENEGORSK (MURMANSK REGION, RUSSIA) - At Spring break, on March 27 and 28, Olenegorsk church hosted the first teenager’s conference. About 60 boys and girls ages 12 to 16 from all over the Murmansk region, which is in the far northwest of Russia, came together.

We wanted every teenager to be able to see talents and gifts that God has placed in them, and begin to use these gifts in their lives.

On the first day children spent some time getting to know each other and their leaders. And then we had a great time of fellowship, when we talked, prayed together and praised the Lord. After dinner, all were divided into teams. Each team came up with a slogan, and a presentation.

It was interesting that many brought tents and sleeping bags to camp out right in the church building. Teens had fun sleeping in tents and on mattresses just right in the middle of the hall. The next day started with morning exercises, all were active, and the most active ones got sweet prizes. After breakfast, a youth worship band from Murmansk church led everyone in worship and praise. During worship there was a very strong presence of God. God worked through preachers, and the word that they shared touched hearts. Nine teenagers accepted Jesus into their hearts and lives.

During the conference, we used interactive methods in prayer, and at workshops. It helped to get the young people stay focused and organized. Many of the teens coming to the conference thought that they were going to listen to some boring lectures about the meaning of life, but their expectations were not met. They saw the beauty of the Word of God, felt His presence.

Here is a testimony of one teenage girl: “I really enjoyed the conference! I was delighted with very friendly people I met, who became my family. Finally, we have a conference just for teens. This event touched me, as I realized how deeply young people, teenagers can worship God! Open-minded people, perfect word, perfect praise and worship! We all felt God's presence in the room. I always wanted to open up, and at this conference I did not even think about it, and it happened. There was joy in the fact that such conferences for teens we haven’t had for some time. Yup! It is for teenagers! Plenty of emotions! I'd love for this event to be repeated not once. We are already anticipating a conference in May! Thank you very much to all organizers!” Sofia Makarchuk (12 years old).

It was really a time when we could pray for each other, when the Lord spoke to our hearts! Thanks to everyone who came and spent two days with us. Thank you to everyone who helped and served iduring this blessed time. Thank God for His power that we experienced together in His presence!

Irina Vorobiev, children's ministry coordinator

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith