Youth of the "Salvation in Jesus” church in Chita tells the city residents about Christ


CHITA, - On January 6, when it’s the Christmas Eve in Russia, the youth of the "Salvation in Jesus” church in Chita organized an unaccustomed activity downtown the city.

On their way citizens passing through the central square met young people holding cartons with the writings "God loves you", "Jesus was born for you. It is time to understand", "God has not forgotten you". The messages were clear and made people think. Some people would stop and ask questions.

The next day, January 7, the youth went to a large shopping center and arranged a flash mob to tell visitors about the birth of Jesus Christ. The performance of a song about Christmas in the mall aroused great interest among shoppers and sellers. According to the church leader Alexei Solpov the event was an amazing surprise to the mall visitors. Many of them received small gifts – chocolate, the Book of Hope magazines and New Testaments.

The "Salvation in Jesus" church, Chita

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith