Youth ministry of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith


Leader of the youth ministry – pastor Alexander Khudyakov

The mission of the youth ministry is helping youth to come to know God, understand their purpose in life, and affect the destinies of their generation.

Our mission determines our main goals:

- To develop and implement general strategy of youth work in the Russian Church, and unite youth around the vision of the Russian Church.

- To teach and disciple youth of the  Russian Church, youth pastors, and leaders to fulfill the mission of the youth ministry.

- To provide information resources and programs necessary to organize and develop youth ministries in local churches.

- To assist in implementing creative abilities of young people.


To achieve these goals we plan to use the following methods:

- Involving successful youth pastors and leaders to coordination work.

- Organizing trainings, seminars for youth work.

- Organizing annual all-Russia conference and regional conferences.

- Creating a resource website.

- Supporting youth projects of the Russian Church.

- Using methods of successful youth work.

- Organizing exhibitions, festivals, contests in different creative fields.


We believe that all these steps will help to develop youth ministry, and reach Russian youth with the Gospel.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith