Regional Women's Conference “Living by the Word” took place in Perm


PERM (RUSSIA) - December 10, 2016 Regional Women's Conference was held in Perm. This year was declared the Year of the Word of God in the Pentecostal Union of Russia. “Your word is the lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105) was the theme of the women's conference “Living by the Word.”

250 women came from all over the Perm region to the city of Perm in the Ural Mountains region. Speakers of the Conference were: Anastasia Zaitseva, Head of Women's Ministries, senior pastor's wife of the New Testament Church in Zelenodolsk (Tatarstan), Valeria Tsvetkova, director of Women's Ministries of the Northwest Associationof the Pentecostal Union of Russia, senior presbyter's wife of association (St. Petersburg), Valentina Alexandrova, pastor and wife of a senior pastor of the The liberation in Jesus Church in Kungur (Perm region).

Participants of the conference were inspired by sermons, prayers, songs of praise and worship, that musical groups from churches of Krasnokamsk, Solikamsk and Perm performed. Women's conference provided an opportunity to sisters from different churches come together to pray, share experiences, receive guidance and encouragement. At intervals guests of the Conference were happy to take pictures with their girl-friends in two photo zones, decorated according to the Conference's theme.

Some participants shared their impressions.

Anna Kipreeva: “Anastasia Zaitseva's thoughts were close to my thoughts. She spoke about trials and our response to temptations. I agree with my sister: our attitude towards them determines whether we will be victorious in life situations or lose.”

Olga Kotenkova: “The conference gave me an opportunity to look at myself and my attitude towards my husband. Pastor Valentina's words from Kungur touched my heart. She spoke about honoring our husbands. She gave an example of David and Michal. Women should not blame their husbands, even if they are wrong. Grateful to the speakers for the word and prayer.”

Natalia Manina: “I really liked the sermon of Valeria Tsvetkova. It was based on a passage from the book of Genesis 3:15, that the devil underestimates the strength of women, the power of their prayers. But it's a woman of prayer who brings him defeat. I was blessed by the Conference a lot, thank you, sisters, for encouragement and thanks to all who organized it.”

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith