84 women went through 'Mother's Wisdom' Course at Philadelphia Сhurch of Izhevsk


IZHEVSK (RUSSIA) - Women's ministry in the Philadelphia Church of Izhevsk concluded 'Mother's Wisdom' course. It aroused great interest – 84 women aged 22 to 65 years among whom there were those not attending church services – willingly responded to the announcement of its beginning. They were divided into 10 groups. Women who attended the course found answers to many troubling questions, experienced the joy of fellowship in a small group, joint prayers and, of course, God's presence.

Here is some feedback from participants of the 'Mother's Wisdom' course:

«If I had known before much of what the course teaches, many mistakes could have been avoided! I recommend everyone to go through it, and as soon as possible.»

«Throughout the course, we prayed for my children to become closer to God and choose to follow Him. Towards the end of the course my children (son and daughter) told me of their desire to be baptized in water. Now I have more faith in the power of prayer.»

«We are all desperately trying to find ways and methods to improve relations in the family, and the secret is simple – you need to be closer to God and to live as Scripture teaches. God has given His commandments not to make us holy, and that we could experience the fullness of life and find the happiness of motherhood.»

«I thank the Lord for the 'Mother's Wisdom' course. I learned to build right relationships with my children and husband, as God teaches in His word. In prayer, God taught me to see my children with His eyes. I believe that, following the Word of the Lord, we will get the answers about our children's upbringing. I am grateful to all who participated in the program.»

Upon completion of the course on January 16, the Philadelphia Church of Izhevsk held a meeting for all groups, who studied the 'Mother's Wisdom' course. This winter evening mothers of different ages gathered in a warm church cafe – gathered to share amazing and inspiring testimonies of God's work in our hearts and in our families as we studied the course.

Each group presented a creative number: skits, songs, music and even video. The evening ended with a dancing competition and a prayer of thanks to God.

Women gladly shared their impressions of the evening:
Group leader Olga Zhevlakova, «Having heard the wonderful testimonies I realized that God miraculously worked in each group, and in the heart of every mother. At a delicious dinner we had an opportunity to meet women and get to know them, which was very valuable. Very interesting creative numbers – skits, poems, songs – once again reminded of the importance of personal relationship with God and the wise parenting. I wish such activities for mothers could be organized more often.»

Leader of 'Mothers in Prayer' Group Yelena Shahtreva, «It's great when sisters of different ages, united by their love for God and their children get together, socialize, learn, pray. In such moments, one can feel our special unity in Christ.»

Zoya Babourina

Philadelphia Church of Izhevsk

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith