March 8th Celebration in Moscow


MOSCOW (RUSSIA), - March 8th is celebrated in Russia as an International Women’s Day. On this day gifts, bouquets of flowers, best wishes and smiles are designated only for women. To make this celebration even more festive Moscow Church of the Risen Christ the Savior organized concerts for the best half of the humanity in a Convention center of a capital’s district of Chertanovo.

The festival gathered over 300 guests. Young girls, mothers and grandmothers came to receive congratulations. Joyful spirit, kind smiles, humor became a great addition to the program consisted of songs, music and dance performed by the church youth, children and adults. At the end of the concert all of them heard the message about the love of God and were granted an opportunity to respond to it. After the concert all women were given a nice present – a box of chocolate.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith