Women's ministry coordinators of the RCCEF meet in Moscow


MOSCOW, Jan 16-17 – a seminar for the RCCEF (the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith) women's ministry coordinators took place. The event brought together 38 coordinators for women’s and family ministries from different territories and regions of Russia – from Kaliningrad (West) to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (East), from Maikop (South) to Murmansk (North).

The seminar was conducted by Director of the RCCEF women's ministry Larisa Grabovenko and the women’s ministry board members Lyudmila Panasovets and Elena Hooda.

Larisa Grabovenko defined the mission of the women's ministry – to help every woman in the church to become a mature Christian, because it is the foundation for building all other spheres of life. Larisa Grabovenko also presented a structure of the RCCEF women's ministry that will enable even small local churches to provide spiritual support to women.

Elena Hooda pointed out the importance of prayer and love in the ministry. She also spoke on spiritual characteristics of a leader and forms of ministry.

Lyudmila Panasovets talked about counseling and gave an example of consultation.  Counseling includes development of character and personal recovery. Counseling is necessary to help women begin to serve others in their local church.

The leaders shared their personal experiences in the ministry and presented a program which will help start or improve a women's ministry in different churches.

We hope that the seminar inspired and encouraged the women’s ministry coordinators for the further work in regional church associations.

The RCCEF women's ministry

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith