Youth Missions Trip to Roslavl

From the field

From July 30 through August 4, 2013 youth from St.Trinity Church of Smolensk made a missions trip to the neighboring city of Roslavl to work alongside with a newly opened church. For five days, young people held evangelistic events for youth, which included sociological surveys, home group fellowship, but the most outstanding event was a photo contest.

Three teams of young people, more than 20 of them, were given a task: within one hour they were to take pictures of people and of the city on a given route. After the event all participants were invited to an evening bonfire, when an award ceremony took place.
The program also included games and entertainment. Everybody had a good time of fellowship and sharing.

The final day of the missions trip was Sunday. Our team was a part of the Sunday church service. We were very pleased and inspired that girls and guys who we met during the week and who participated in the photo contest, came to the Sunday service.

We became friends with them and were able to share our testimonies how God worked in our lives. We believe that God, through our team showed His love for the young people of Roslavl. Our team was inspired by this trip and look forward to the next one.

Unity Church Assosiation of Smolensk region

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith