IN POWER 2013 youth camp was held in the Northwest of Russia

From the field

On July 7 - 13 the Northwest Association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith organized a IN POWER 2013 youth camp on the shore of Soletskoye lake in Luga. The overall theme of the camp was evangelization. The main objective of the camp was that young people could find their identity in Christ, find their place in church, and learn to share the Good News of salvation with others.

This year, about 220 young people came to the camp. They were from different cities: Priozersk, St. Petersburg, Pskov, Zelenogorsk, Valdai, Red Valley, Gatchina and others. Participants spent six days in tents on the shore of the lake.

Strong spiritual leaders were invited to teach and share in the camp – Bishop Sergei Linnik, leader of the youth ministry, Pastor Alexander Khudyakov and senior pastors of Northwest Association of Pentecostal Churches.

Special guests – dance group JCGP, pastor and artist Dmitry Shletgauer, rap artist SiBeMol theater Co-Creation – provided workshops in the afternoons, and led young people in praise and worship during evening meetings.

Leaders did their best to organize and conduct the camp. All the participants were divided into groups of ten, each group had two mentors, thus, the leaders were able to meet and make friends with everyone. There was a special group for younger kids, additional activities were organised for them. It should be noted that the leaders themselves got to know each other better, sharing experiences, insights, learning from each other.

In the morning and evening praise and prayer services were held, pastors shared the Word of God and instructed the youth. The participants had the opportunity to get help from Christian counsellors, if they needed. In addition to activities in groups, games and competitions, sporting events for the entire camp were carried out. For many the camp fire became a memorable event.

Services, prayers, fellowship in groups helped to unite young people, they were able to open up, made new friends. A joyous event for all was the response to pray the sinner's prayer: 12 young people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Youth ministry department of the Northwest Association

The Russian Church of Christinas of Evangelical Faith