Ministry to children in the Rostov region

From the field

Revival Church of Azov held a children's Christmas celebration called "Journey to Bethlehem." Children were asked to find a treasure. In order to do that they were to overcome seven obstacles, which they successfully accomplished. Children liked riddles and puzzles, they answered questions about the books and heroes of the Bible, played games, sang Christmas songs. Between different assignments they recited Bible verses, sang songs and danced. The children put together and read Bible verses from the book of Isaiah 9:6-7 and then thanked the Lord for His love.

Church youth took an active part in the celebration. Dressed in the costumes of biblical characters they helped children to overcome every obstacle. At the end of the event children received gifts, but no one was in a hurry to go home. Praise the Lord for this wonderful time when we can gather with children so that they listen and learn the truths of God's Word.

On January 4, a training for children's ministers of Azov took place. The theme of the training was: "How to prepare a Bible lesson." Fourteen children's workers learned how to choose a topic of the lesson, how to find the main points in a chosen Scripture passage, learned about four basic ways to tell a biblical story. There was also a practical part, when children's ministers applied the knowledge they received to practice. Oksana Bazhanova, leader of the children's ministry of Nazareth Church conducted the training.

Oksana Klimenko, coordinator of children's ministry of the Rostov region

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith