Youth Ministry Team from Udmurtia visited churches of Bereznyaki

From the field

Last weekend youth ministry team "Plug Into Heaven" of Izhevsk Philadelphia Church led by Youth Pastor Vladimir Batalov visited churches of the city of Bereznyaki in the neighboring Perm region.

A trip to the city of Bereznyaki was filled with expectations of what the Lord will be doing. Vladislav Sterkhov, pastor of New Testament Church, – one of the local churches – gladly opened his heart and his home and church to serve the brothers from Izhevsk Philadelphia Church. Youth Pastor, Vladimir Batalov and worship leader of the youth ministry team "Plug Into Heaven", Vassiliy Shklyaev ministered at two church services.

On this day, the word of God's guidance from Youth Pastor and songs written by Vassiliy were heard from the pulpit. The parishioners of this church were inspired and encouraged by the preaching and singing. They asked the team to come back and bring new songs. The atmosphere at the service was amazing. The church is serious about growth and transformation.

Such services do not just enrich the inter-church friendship, but also nourish the hearts of the ministers themselves – those who are being served and those who serve. New Testament Church of Bereznyaki is constantly praying for Izhevsk Philadelphia Church, for the completion of their church building, as it has been a hard process. And that is what brotherly love in action means.

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